To transition from the current ACH Transfer option with Dwolla to the new ACH Transfer feature, also using Dwolla but completely behind the scenes, you'll need to migrate your existing Dwolla account into BrokerSumo. To do this go to ACH Transfer on the main menu, and click Migrate Customer.

Step 1 - If you see a button that says Migrate Account then proceed to Step 5 below. If you see the error message below:

then you'll need to re-authenticate your Dwolla connection with BrokerSumo first before completing the migration process. Click OK and you'll be taken to this page:

Step 2 - Click the Setup your ACH Transfer Account button. This will take you to a Dwolla page. Click the Login button towards the bottom of the page:

Step 3 - Login into your existing Dwolla account:

Once you log in you'll be taken to a page to authenticate the connection:

Step 4 - Click Allow to authenticate the connection between BrokerSumo and Dwolla. You'll be returned back to BrokerSumo and you'll see this page:

Now that you've re-authenticated the account you can complete the migration process. First reload your browser to refresh the page. Then click ACH Transfer > Migrate Customer. You'll be taken to this page:

Step 5

Click Migrate Account, read thru and accept the Terms and Conditions. You should then see a confirmation page that your account has been migrated.

Click the link to go to your bank account page. All your bank accounts from your existing Dwolla account will now be shown in here.

Your account has now been migrated successfully. Your agents will now need to go into their BrokerSumo agent portal accounts and add their ACH info so they can receive payments from you. Unfortunately, we're unable to migrate the agent Dwolla accounts into BrokerSumo so the agents will need to re-add their information. The process is quick and easy, you can find instructions for that here. To find all the knowledge base articles on the new ACH Transfer process, click here.

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