If you need to edit a commission disbursement after it's already been created you can do so up until the transaction is marked as 100% complete and closed. To edit the sales price, commission info or close date, just go to the transaction edit page, edit the fields and click Save. You'll then see a pop up letting you know that the commission disbursement is being re-calculated.

When you click Ok, you'll be taken to the commission disbursement page in edit mode to confirm that the commission calculations are correct. BrokerSumo will use the new sales price and/or commission info to re-calculate the splits for you automatically, so if you don't have any other changes then you can click the Update Disbursement button at the bottom of the page to save the new version of the disbursement.

To edit a disbursement if you just need to change the fees, you can click the Edit Disbursement button at the bottom of the commission disbursement page.

This will open up the disbursement in edit mode so you can edit, delete or add new fees or information to the commission disbursement. Make sure to click the Update Disbursement at the bottom of the page when you're done with your edits.

If you have to edit the disbursement after the transaction has already been marked 100% complete, you will have to delete the disbursement and recreate it using the correct information.  Once you do this and the information is correct, you will go to the Pay Agent tab and click on the "Mark as Paid" button in the screen.  Be sure to not click the "Pay Agent via Direct Deposit" button as it will pay them a second time.

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