You have the ability to create on-boarding templates prior to sending them the agents. To create a template go to settings> on-boarding templates.

Please note

Once you create a template you can not go back and edit it, you can create a new one to add additional documents.

It will take you create a new template

Choose a name for your new template
Add documents, or if you previously have created templates you will see your uploaded documents in the document box (you will need to put a check in the box next to the documents you want added to the new template)
Choose a countersign party if you would like to a countersigner (a countersigner is another party you would like to sign the documents in addition to your agents i.e. the Broker)
Select any additional item you would like your agents to upload

Click continue and a new browser tab will open allowing you to markup or edit your Docusign template. Click Save and Close and you're template will be created.  To see how to complete the on-boarding process and how to mark up your documents please visit the link below for instructions.

How to add agents-

How to markup agent on-boarding documents with docusign-

To delete an on-boarding template
Go to settings> On-boarding template> Choose the template you would like to delete> hit delete button.

Please note-

 In the docusign markup screen, after you verify all the fields have been marked you will need to hit Save and Close- if you do not hit save and close your documents will not save.

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