Go to Transaction> Add Transaction

Choose the transaction type
Put in Sales Price
Choose a close date
Commission amount
Agent (will default to agents name)
Lead source (optional)
Property Information
Buyer (optional)
Seller (optional)
MLS (optional)

Click Save Changes

You will be taken to the Title/Attorney Page
(this information is optional) 

Click Submit Transaction- your transaction is now saved in the system.

You will now need to create the commission disbursement
Click Commission Disbursement at the top of the page

On the Commission disbursement page
At the top you have your commission breakdown with the Brokerage Gross Commission
Next you have the Agent Commission- based off the commission plan assigned to you
Any fees being deducted will be listed
At the bottom is the final amounts to each party
And any notes from the brokerage to title

Next click Create Disbursement
Go back to  the transaction info page

Click on the email button next to disbursement created

Choose who you want the approval requested emailed to

Then click email and the request for approval will be sent
You can check the status in the view transaction page 50% means the broker has approved the disbursement. 

You can move to the next transaction

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