Agent Account Questions-

Agent Email Already Exists Error- If your agent has previously had a BrokerSumo account they will need to use a different email address for their new account.

 Agents need their login info-  Go to and enter your email and then you'll receive a password reset link. If for some reason it says Link Expired when you click it, go back to the forgot password page and try it again.

Agent Link Expired- Go to and enter your email and then you'll receive a new password reset link.

Inactive Agents- To see the list of inactive agents on the veiw agent page go to- Filter> Agent status> change to inactive> apply filters

Disbursement Questions- 

How do I edit a 100% complete transaction- Once the transaction is 100% complete it is locked from editing. To edit it you have to delete the commission disbursement first and then you can edit the transaction info and re-create the disbursement. If you've already paid the agent via direct deposit you can just mark the file as paid this time. To delete the disbursement, go to the commission disbursement page for that transaction, scroll to the bottom and you'll see a delete button on the bottom left.

Multiple Commission Plans- An agent can only be assigned to one default plan, but they can use any commission plan that you have added on a per transaction basis. So for example, John Doe is on a default 2% commission plan but can be changed to a 3% plan when required.

Sales Price Adjustment- There are two options first you can adjust the sales price prior to creating the disbursement. The second option is to put in a flat fee for the agents commission to reflect the adjusted amount for the sales price.

Uploading transaction documents- Go into your transaction and at the top of the page you'll see a Documents tab. Click Documents and then you can begin uploading your documents. If you haven't created a transaction yet you'll need to click Add Transaction first under the Transactions option on the side menu.

Find Your Closed transactions- Closed transactions are hidden by default. Please click the Filter button on the View Transaction page, then click Apply Filter to show all transactions. Then you will see your closed transactions.

Delete a Disbursement- Scroll to the bottom of the commission disbursement page and on the bottom left there will be a delete button. Then you can re-create it.

Edit Disbursements- Scroll to the bottom of the commission disbursement page and click the edit disbursement button.

Integrations Questions-

Dotloop Questions- Please see the article on how the integration with dotloops works and what information is required to sync from dotloop

iTransact phone number- customer support is: (800) 369-6451 or email them at [email protected]

iTransact Fees- $4.99/ month if less than $300 charged, the $4.99 fee is waived if over $300 is processed a month. There is 2.9% +.30 per transaction fee

Refund a Credit Card in iTransact- It needs to be done directly in the iTransact dashboard. Go to, login to the Gateway Control Panel with the details of your iTransact account (set up when setting up agent billings in BrokerSumo), find the charge, click to edit and click the refund button.

Document Loading Issue-

Document's won't open- Your browser may have a pop up blocker that is blocking the documents from opening. Please check in the URL bar of your browser at the far right, there is most likely an icon there that is blocking your browser from opening the file.

Contact Us-

Schedule a Demo- You can sign up for one of our live demos here.

Schedule a Private Account Setup Meeting- If you have an account and need assistance setting up your commission plans, here is a link to the account setup calendar where you can schedule a private webinar where we'll set up your account with you.

BrokerSumo Chat availability-
Mon-Fri - 6 am to 3 pm PST

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