Track agent billings and payments- Select this box

This is a description of this workflow

The workflow creates an invoice in QuickBooks Online for each agent that has billing in BrokerSumo. When a bill in BrokerSumo is marked as paid, a payment in QuickBooks will be created.
For every next bill paid by this agent, new payment in QuickBooks will be created or updated.
The workflow runs on demand, when data is posted by BrokerSumo.

Click use this template

Verify you are logged into the correct Quickbooks account

Click Save

You will the go to the configuration page

Sync all item on first run please bypass this option

Invoice/Payment date-

Quickbooks default will default the date in Quickbooks to the day you are syncing the information

Close date in Brokersumo will create the bill date off the close date in Brokersumo in the transaction

Next you will want to choose the deposited to account- this will be the account in Quickbooks that your invoice/payment will be created under
Once you have chosen your deposit account then you will click apply and apply under the edit workflow.

Then click Run and your workflow is now activated

Note- This will create a paid invoice in Quickbooks if you sync a paid invoice in BrokerSumo, if you sync an unpaid invoice, it creates an unpaid invoice in Quickbooks. If you then mark it as paid in BrokerSumo, and re-sync, it updates the invoice to paid in Quickbooks.
For Quickbooks Online
You can find your agent billings and payments in Quickbooks unders Sales> Invoices

For QuickBooks Desktop you'll need to set up a 2nd workflow as they are slightly different:

You'll need to add both workflows shown above. One creates the invoice, and one creates the payment for that invoice.

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