To track a referral being paid to the brokerage from an outside brokerage go to
Add transaction
and choose referral as the transaction type

Then fill out the information
Sales Price- The referral amount
Close date
Referral Commission- The total dollar amount of the referral
Select the agent
Verify the commission plan is correct, if it varies from the agents assigned commission plan use the drop down to change the commission plan.
Select a lead source if you have one

Fill out the property information
Buyer, Seller and MLS are all optional.
Click Save

The next page is the title/attorney page, this page is optional.
Click Submit Transaction and your transaction is saved in the system. 

The first step to close out the transaction is to run the commission disbursement
Across the top click commission disbursement

On the disbursement you will have your brokerage gross commission at the top- so the referral amount.

The next section has the agents commission- this example the agent is on a 90/10 split. 

The last section is the final commission breakdown
you have the brokerage gross commission- the referral amount
the net amount to the brokerage
the agents commission (90/10 split on this example)

Click create disbursement
You will be taken to the final disbursement page to choose which line items you would like printed on the final PDF.
Just uncheck the boxes you do not want printed- for this example we are only printing one line with the broker gross commission and the notes.
Select Generate Disbursement PDF

Below is an example of what the final PDF will look like

You can download or print it from the top right corner.
Go back to the transaction info page, you will see the checklist is now 25% complete. The next items are for manually tracking where the transaction process is.
You can click disbursement approved/ sent to escrow
Brokerage paid
The last item is to pay the agent click on the Pay Agent button at the top

From here you can pay via direct deposit if you are utilizing that feature in the system or you can mark as paid, if you are paying the agent by other means. 

Then you can go back to the transaction info page and see the transaction is 100% complete.

The last item is to sync to Quickbooks if you are utilizing the Quickbooks integration. 

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