*This feature is only available in the BrokerSumo Enterprise package

In the BrokerSumo Enterprise package you have the option to brand your BrokerSumo page with your company logos.
To create your branding go to My Account> Account Settings

Scroll to the bottom of the page and turn on the branding by clicking on the box next to branding

Once you turn that on to Yes you have multiple places to add logo information.
Your slug name is the name we will use for your custom login URL. Your url will look like this: https://www.brokersumo.com/customer-login?p=YourCustomSlugName
Branding color is a custom color you can choose for the top bar of the webpage when you log in it will look like this with your custom color. You can choose the color that matches the background color of your logo. 

Your dashboard logo is the logo at the top of the page when you are logged in

The small dashboard logo is the logo that will appear if the menu is hidden

To hide the menu you can select the 3 bars

The login page logo is what you will see prior to entering your login information on the main page

Then click submit to save your changes.

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