To set up the sync between DocuSign Transaction Room and Brokersumo go to Settings > Integrations > DocuSign Transaction Rooms > Add or Edit DocuSign Transaction Room

You will be directed to the set up page. In the set up page click on accounts:

In the accounts click on the plus button to add your DocuSign Transaction Room account:

You will be taken to the DocuSign Transaction Room page to enter your credentials to authenticate with BrokerSumo.

Once you enter your credentials you will be walked through the next steps and taken back to the setup page on the workflows page.

On the workflows page scroll down to the templates and click the sync DocuSign Rooms to BrokerSumo

The workflow will open, click Use this template. You will then verify you have selected the correct DocuSign Transaction Room account and click Save

Click Run to activate the integration

They are now connected, verify the workflow is turned on
Click on the BrokerSumo icon to get to the workflow page

The sync between BrokerSumo and DocuSign Transaction Room happens automatically. It will sync every 15 minutes after you have made an update with DocuSign Transaction Room

If you need to sync immediately you can to the clock icon within the workflow to run manually. 

Click on the active workflow to open it.

Once open click on the clock icon and you can click run now to sync immediately. 

You can also see a log if your information has synced or not by clicking the menu icon

Syncing Transactions

In your DocuSign Transaction Room account when you edit or save a new transaction or an existing transaction that will initiate the sync and the information will sync over to BrokerSumo within 15 minutes. 

Adding Agents to a Transaction

In Docusign Transaction Room, you'll assign the agents to the transaction in the People section. Click the People tab:

Then click the Add button and select Add from Network:

Type the person's name who you want to add and click Add.

Then select the Side of the transaction they are on, and select Real Estate Agent as their role.

Click Add and they've been added.

BrokerSumo Sync Log

The sync log shows you details on which transactions have synced and which haven't, and why they didn't sync. To access your sync log within BrokerSumo go to Transactions> Docusign Transaction Log

In the log you will be able to see the sync date, close date, address, the DTR ID and the status. 

If it the transaction has synced for the first time it will say initial sync.

If the transaction was updated it will say updated.

If it is missing required information to sync that information will be listed. 

The eye icon has the raw data synced in from DocuSign Transaction Room.

Required Fields

There are required fields to be filled out in DocuSign Transaction Room to be able to sync into BrokerSumo.
You need to have a transaction type, a contract price, commission rate, property address and the agent assigned to the transaction. If any of this information is missing the transaction will not sync over.

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