To pay a vendor using ACH Transfers click the Vendors menu.

If you need to add a new vendor click Add Vendor. You can either add a vendor from your existing vendor list or add a brand new vendor.

If you choose Get From Existing Vendor List you'll be asked to select from a drop down the vendor you want to add:

Select the vendor and click Next Step. If the Vendor already has a BrokerSumo account then you'll click the button Get From Existing List after clicking the Add Vendor link.

You'll then complete any missing fields for the vendor.

Now that you've added a vendor go to your Vendor page and you'll see your vendors listed there. If there is a Pay Vendor button listed in the ACH Transfer column then they have added their ACH account info and are ready to receive transfers from you.

If there is an email icon in the ACH Transfer column then you can click that to email the vendor and request that they set up their ACH account.

To pay a vendor click the Pay Vendor button. Enter the amount of the payment and you'll be taken to a payment confirmation page to finish the payment process. 

On the final payment page you'll have options to add notes that the vendor can see on their payment transfer log and/or internal notes that only you'll see.

Enter any reference information regarding the payment in the notes section so you'll be able to reference back to it at a later date if need be.

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