Team Cap Plans will be used if you have multiple agents on a cap plan that all pay towards one cap. 

To set up a team cap commission plan go to Settings> Commission Plans> Add New Plan.

Next, name the plan.

The type of plan will be a Cap Plan.

Choose a roll over date (the date you want the plan to reset).

Then you will change the option Shared Commission Plan to YES

You will enter in your cap levels and what percentage the agents will receive per level and Save Commission Plan

You will then need to assign each agent that is on the team cap to the commission plan.
Go to Agents>Agents> and choose the agents name.

Go to Commission Plans & Fees > Plan Assigned- choose the team cap commission plan created.

From this screen you can also see:

The plan rollover date, what each level is based on, what they currently have paid towards their cap and the date the commission plan rolls over.

On the right side you can see the Commission Plan Levels and you can also enter a starting point towards their cap. The starting point is used when an agent already has paid a certain amount towards their caps. 

You can see the where the agents are reaching their cap also by pulling the Cap Plan Report.

When any of these agents closes a transaction, the amount towards the cap will count towards all of the assigned agents on this plans cap. So if Agent A closes a deal with $2,000 going towards their cap, then Agent B closes the next deal, Agent B will get credit for that $2,000 cap credit from Agent A's closing when the system calculates where in the commission plan they should be.

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