This article will explain how to use your own Docusign account to send out commission disbursements for approval and e-signature via Docusign. You must have your own Docusign account to use this feature.

First go to Settings > Integrations, scroll to the bottom and find the Docusign section.

Click the Add buton. You'll be taken to a Docusign login page where you'll enter your Docusign credentials. If added successfully you'll be returned to the Integration page.

Next create a commission disbursement. Once you've created it you'll see a new button at the bottom of the page. Send Docusign Request for Approval.

Before clicking this button be sure and uncheck the boxes on the line items on the disbursement that you don't want to appear on the PDF version of the disbursement that you're about to send out for approval. When you click the button you'll be able to choose from a list of users in your account to send the request for approval to.

The user selected will receive an email from Docusign asking them to sign the disbursement.

Click Review Document and a Docusign window will open in your browser and there will be a required signature line at the bottom of the disbursement for you to sign.

Once the document is signed it will be returned to the transaction and will be available to be downloaded in the Document folder.

In the Activity Log you'll see each step of the process noted:

And the transaction will be automatically moved to the 50% state, Disbursement Approved/Sent to Escrow.

If you do not wish to approve the disbursement you can click the Decline to Sign option in the Docusign window:

You'll be asked to enter a reason for the decline. That reason will then be emailed to the user who requested the disbursement approval and a log entry will be placed in the activity log of the transaction showing that the disbursement was declined and showing the reason.

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