To automatically charge an agent's credit card for their invoices, you'll first need to set up an account with our credit card processing company iTransact. You can do that within BrokerSumo, just go to Settings > Agent Billings and click the button to register with iTransact. It typically takes under an hour for your lite merchant account to be approved and created. You will receive an email when your account is approved and ready to use. There are no monthly fees for this service, only credit card processing fees when you charge a card which are 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction, so approximately $3.20 per $100 charged.  iTransact does charge a $4.99/month fee if you charge less than $300 a month through them. 

When you charge an agent's credit card, you should receive the funds in your bank account 1-2 business days after the charge has been processed.

Now you can begin setting up your agent invoices. Click here to read the article on how to set up and process invoices.

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