To begin setting up your agent invoices, go into an agents record, and click the Agent Billings tab. 

Monthly Billing Invoices

You'll see the Monthly Billing Items at the top of this page. This is where you'll create your items for recurring monthly billings. Click Add New Item to add items. Once you've completed this, make sure you adjust the Monthly Billing Date. This is the date you want the invoice to be processed. If you have been approved for a credit card processing account and your agent has a credit card on file then their card will be charged automatically on this date. If you just want to email your invoices to your agents, go to Settings > Agent Permissions and check the box that says "Email monthly billing invoices to agents". This will email the agent the invoice and log these items as unpaid in their billing log.

One-Time Invoices

To create a one-time invoice, scroll further down the Agent Billing page. 

You can add items that you want to bill the agent for. If you have a credit card on file for the agent you can charge their card in real time by clicking the Charge Agents Credit Card button. Or if you just want to email the invoice to the agent click the Email One Time Invoice button.

Quarterly, Bi-Annual, Annual Billings

You also have the ability to setup quarterly, bi-annual and annual billings to will process automatically on the dates you choose.

Billing Log

Each agent has a billing log that records all the invoices sent out. Click the Billing Log tab in an agent's record to get there.

Here you'll find a list of all items that the agent has been invoiced for and whether they've been paid or not. If you are charging agent's credit cards automatically then the invoice will be marked as Paid automatically if the credit card is processed successfully. If you are emailing invoices out, all items will be logged as Unpaid. You can mark them as paid by clicking the Mark as Paid button.

You can also add a Memo to each item to note details about it. If the invoice was automatically charged to the agents credit card it will auto-populate the memo field with the text 'Paid by Credit Card'. 

You can sync the invoice to QuickBooks from here as well by clicking the sync icon.

Once an item is synced to QuickBooks it will show a QuickBooks icon next to that item.
Master Agent Billing Section

To see an overview of all your agents and their billing info, from the main menu go to Agents > Agent Billings.

On the Agent Billing tab you'll see a list of all your agents, their outstanding balance, next billing date, the amount they'll be billed and whether this is a recurring billing, as well as their last billing date. If there is a red ! next to their name it indicates that no credit card is on file for this agent.

On the Billing Log tab you'll see an overview of all your agents and their logged invoices. From here you can add a Memo or sync the invoice to QuickBooks. 

Emailing Invoices

To email your recurring invoices to your agents, go to Settings > Permissions and check the box:

When invoices are emailed out to the agent they look like this as they are delivered in a simple email format:

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