All agents added to BrokerSumo have limited access to the Agent Portal. The default level of access for agents in the Agent Portal includes:

  1. View and update their personal information, such as their address and phone number. 

  2. View their billing log to see if they have any outstanding invoices due. 

  3. View their pipeline report to see their closed and pending transactions along with their commissions on those deals. 

  4. Add lead sources for their transactions and view the lead conversion report to see how many deals they converted into sales from each lead source.

  5. View office documents that have been added to the Office Documents section in the brokerage's account.

  6. View any documents that the brokerage has uploaded into their agent record, or any documents they uploaded when they were onboarded, which can include a copy of their insurance, drivers license and real estate license and any agreements between them and the brokerage that they've signed.

The brokerage can add additional levels of access for the agents by going to Settings > Agent Permissions. These are the global permissions for all agents, if you turn one of these on, it will turn it on for all agents in your account. To turn on individual agent permissions you can go into the agents record, and click the Agent Permission tab.

The permission options are:

Allow Agents to Add Transactions will let agents add their own transactions.

Allow Agents to Create Disbursements will let agents create their own commission disbursements. 

Allow Agents to View Disbursements lets agents view the commission disbursements on their transactions. This permissions can be turned on by itself so that the agents can see the breakdown of their commissions for their transactions but still be restricted from adding transactions or creating disbursements.

Allow Agents to Upload Transaction Documents lets the agents upload documents into a transactions record. They will not be able to delete any documents from the record.

Disbursement Must be Approved is a workflow option. It allows the agents to add a transaction, create a disbursement, and then the agent has to have the brokerage approve the disbursement by reviewing it from the brokerage account, and checking the box Disbursement Approved/Sent to Escrow:

Once the disbursement is approved, the agent can now generate a PDF of their disbursement to send to title for closing. Until the disbursement is approved the agent won't have the option to generate a disbursement PDF. 

Allow Agents to Edit Commission Plan allows the agent to select a different plan from the brokerage's list of available plans for a specific deal.

This is typically used for brokerages where the commission plan and fees vary depending on the type of deal the agent is closing. 

Email Monthly Billing Invoices to Agents will email all your monthly billing invoices to the agents on the day you have chosen in the agents Agent Billing section. More on agent billings can be found here.

Email Agent When Disbursement Is Approved goes along with the permission Disbursement Must be Approved. Once the brokerage approves a disbursement the agent will be emailed letting them know that their disbursement is approved.

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