BrokerSumo gives you the ability to track the lead sources for your transactions. When you track your leads, you'll be able to analyze your best and worst performing lead sources using the lead conversion report. 

To setup your lead sources go to Settings > Tags. Click the Add Tag button to create a new lead source. Once you've added the lead source, check the box in the Lead Source column to mark this tag as a lead source. 

Finish adding your lead sources and you're now ready to assign them to a transaction.

In the Add or Edit Transaction page, you'll see a drop down where you can choose what lead source this transaction came from. Just select the lead source and save the transaction.

If you are an agent and are working in your agent portal, you can assign a lead to a transaction by going to the View Transaction page, and clicking the + icon under the Action column.

Once you've added lead sources to your transactions you can go to Reports > Lead Conversion Report. Here you'll find an overview on the transactions converted from each lead source, and the income and sales volume from those leads.

This gives you a quick way to see what your top performing lead sources are.

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