The agent value report gives you insight into all the fees and commissions you've earned from an agent. Additional closing fees are fees deducted from an agent's commission such as E&O insurance, transaction coordination fee, etc... Agent billings are items that you bill your agents for such as desk fees, tech fees, etc... You can filter the report by close date range, office location and agent status.

If you are using the QuickBooks integration you will have two additional columns, Office Expenses Per Agent and Profit/Loss. The Office Expenses Per Agent is taken directly from your QuickBooks profit and loss data. To sync that data to BrokerSumo go to Money > Banking. Once that data has been synced we take your office expenses for whatever time period you've selected on the report, and we divide it by the number of agents you have to get an the amount it costs you to run your office per agent. For example, if you have expenses of $60,000 over a 6 month period, and you have 20 agents, your costs was $3,000 per agent over this time period. We compare this with the net income an agent brought in to the company over this same period to see whether that agent is profitable for you or not. Now technically if your cost was $3,000 and an agent only earned you $1,500 it doesn't mean you have to let them go and find another agent but it does give you better insight into what type of return you should be getting from your agents in order to boost your profitability. 

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