This article is specifically for brokerages that require their agents to create their own commission disbursements in BrokerSumo and then the brokerage approves the disbursement so the agent can take it to closing. 

Once you've created a commission disbursement, your transaction will be shown as 25% complete. 

Your broker can see that the commission disbursement has been created and needs to be reviewed for approval. You can also contact them directly to let them know that you are awaiting an approval. You will not be able to generate a PDF version of your disbursement until it is approved. 

Once the brokerage approves the disbursement you will receive an email letting you know that your disbursement is approved. Your completion status will also now show that your transaction is 50% complete. 

You can now go into your commission disbursement page and at the bottom you'll see a button to generate a PDF version.

Once the commission disbursement is approved you will no longer be able to edit the disbursement or the transaction. If you need to make changes you'll need to ask your brokerage to delete it for you so you can make the necessary changes.

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