If you are paying out a referral on one of your transactions, it's easy to add that to your commission disbursement. You'll add it to the pre-commission credit/debit section at the top of your commission disbursement. Click the + Add Credit/Debit button to get started.

Enter the item name, the vendor (which is the brokerage you are paying the referral to), select Debit, enter the referral amount, either a % or a flat fee amount. If you want to add payment instructions so that the title company can cut the check directly to the referral brokerage you can add instructions in the comment box. Select After for the question 'Calculate agent's commission before or after this item?'. Click the green check mark to save this item.

When you save it, the brokerage gross commission will be reduced, and the agent's commission will be split using the new gross commission amount.

You'll be able to track these payments on the Vendors Detail report in your Report section.

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