Sometimes agents need to contribute part of their commission to their buyer or seller to help close a deal. Sometimes agents collect a transaction fee from a buyer or seller as part of their commission. If this amount will be credited or debited from the agent's commission then you'll want to add it as a post commission credit/debit on the commission disbursement.

On the commission disbursement, in the agent's commission section, you'll see a post commission credit/debit section.

Click the + Add Credit/Debit button to add your item.

Enter the item name, who it's going to, and select credit or debit. Then you can enter either a % of the agent's commission, or a flat fee amount. If you'd like to add instructions to the title company you can add those in the comment section. Click the green check mark to save. The agent's commission will be credited or debited by this amount but this will have no impact on the amount due to the brokerage.

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